Description of the study

In this field study, you will interact with an app for mood assessment and stress reduction. The app PAX is provided by the chair of Interactive Systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen and can be installed on your smartphone. The app helps you to record your daily mood and stress levels and suggests different activities to reduce stress.
The study aims to improve recommender systems for mental health and overall well-being. With your participation, you will help to gather insights by means of interactive and user-oriented approaches for such health-oriented systems.

What is PAX?

PAX aims at helping you understand and manage your state of mind as well as your day to day stress levels and mood. It tracks and assesses three areas of mental health - stress, mood, and self-perception. It also provides recommendations aimed at boosting your health as well as reducing and coping with your stress in the long run. Find more information about PAX here and here.

How do I participate?

  1. Install the app
  2. Answer its pre-study survey with 3 tasks, approximately 12-18 minutes
    • The pre-study will be displayed automatically when you start the app for the first time
  3. Enter your mood as it promotes, twice per day
    • From the app setting you can specify the exact time and further personalize the app
  4. Read the recommendations PAX gives you every time, and give 1-5 star rating as you like or dislike them.
  5. Answer the post-study survey on day 10 with 3 tasks, approximately 15 minutes
  6. Answer the post-study survey on day 14 with only one task, approximately 5 minutes
    • You will be automatically prompted to answer post-study survey via push message after 10 and 14 days of use

And, Enjoy the app! :)